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Onder de titel ‘Songs of faith’ zijn 38 gedichten van Willem de Mérode vertaald naar het Engels. De vertaling is uitgevoerd door 38 gedichten, Hans Osinga ».

Vertaling ‘De dertienjarige’ uit: Het Heilig Licht, geschreven op 25 mei 1919


He calmly sees how adult life appears,
for in his mind, still young and harmless, firmly set,
he does not feel the yeasting of the blood as yet,
when spring is bursting out in all the trees.

He relishes the world without a fear
and plenty of rejoicing gives each day.
When work is hard, then doubly sweet is play.
At night he falls asleep without a dream.

Let him remain so simple and so sweet, oh Lord.
When once the bitter struggle starts with grief,
when once the people slander him and brawl,
grant that he’ll find Your lasting inner peace.
Let him fight evil like a man who heeds Your call,
but always be for You a child, confiding in You filially!
handtekening Willem de Mérode

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