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Onder de titel ‘Songs of faith’ zijn 38 gedichten van Willem de Mérode vertaald naar het Engels. De vertaling is uitgevoerd door 38 gedichten, Hans Osinga ».

Vertaling ‘De heidestruik’ uit: De Steile Tocht (1924-1928), SdT 1928


That my endurance should be good,
You made me strong and woody,
God, Who filled my childhood
with toil and drudgery.

I have been stolen, dragged through mire,
maltreated, thrashed galore.
Coupled and bound with wire,
I worked in byre, on threshing-floor.

In former times I’ve had to bear
what only fits old age, attended with complaints and fears:
feel old and full of days and bent with care,
the weight of many years.

I sighed: “Oh, Great Preserver!
Is this my endless fate?”
Yet I straightened my shoulder,
carried with valiance my weight.

Then, ’t was springtime weather,
You changed my sorry sight,
resorted my youth and made me tender;
I laughed against the light.

Avenger full of mercy,
mindful of everybody’s needs,
unhesitant and firmly,
form now on I’ll avow Your beneficial deeds.

For my reward ‘s the sweetest;
You show me suddenly:
I’m richer than the richest,
surpass the rest in splendour and in beauty.

Dressed out in garments kingly,
I keep with You a sumptuous open house.
And many are below me,
like slaves lie in the dust.

No house is closed to me:
I have been praised as handsome,
because You did revere
what was despised and called it ‘son’.

And if they show but hate,
because they envy me,
I only want to say
what Your love did to me.

My shine, attached to life,
clung firmly to this earth,
now only for You strives
and rises heavenward.

I spread my garb all summer days
before You and mankind like tapestry,
until, oh utmost grace,
Your foot strides over it.

I’ve learnt the rumoured news already;
I’ve heart the whispered word,
that You will come down shortly.
Oh, come to me, my Lord!
handtekening Willem de Mérode

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