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Onder de titel ‘Songs of faith’ zijn 38 gedichten van Willem de Mérode vertaald naar het Engels. De vertaling is uitgevoerd door 38 gedichten, Hans Osinga ».

Vertaling ‘Gelijk een kind’ uit: Gestalten en stemmingen, geschreven op 11 februari 1911


Just as a child with sad, moist eyes
bursts out in sobbing and in tears which mother can not dry,
filled with whiney sorrow, suffered secretly,
which flows away, swells up again and passes slowly,

Then pulls itself together, someone coming in,
its head bent, holds its shaking crying in,
but can not help, in spite of earnest trying,
the old grief round its lips ‘s still quivering,

So I have also suffered silently my grief,
my head bent down for peoples ‘s forward prying,
my sobs restrained within a throat so wrung with fears.

And when, inquiringly, you came to me,
courageously I checked my tears.
Yet you have seen around my nouth a quivering.
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